Precipitation of Ti-C-N Particles in Austenite during Cooling Process of High-Ti Microalloyed Steel




Abstract: On the basis of thermodynamic theory, the precipitation of TiCxN1-x particles in austenite of high-Ti microalloyed steel was calculated. The effects of C, N and Ti content on the precipitation of TiCxN1-x were studied, and the variation of C, N and Ti solid solubility and the ratio of x with temperature under different components were discussed. Results showed that in the high Ti-0.053 wt% steel, Ti, C and N were difficult to be completely dissolved in austenite. The highest amount of solid solution of element C, N, and Ti were 0.16%, 0.0008% and 0.053%, respectively. With the increase of N content, the value of x has certain extent decreased, and the solid solubility of Ti decreased significantly, especially between 1100-1450oC. Therefore, control of N content at a low level was very important for high-Ti microalloyed steel.

Authors: Lintao Gui, Dengfu Chen, Peng Liu, Hengsong Yu, Tao Liu, Mujun Long, Huamei Duan, and Junsheng Cao

Keywords: Ti Microalloyed Steel, Titanium Carbonitride, Austenite, Solid Solubility, Mole Fraction x

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