Post-Forming Mechanical Properties of Double-Sided Incrementally Formed Sheet Alloys




Abstract: Double-sided incremental forming (DSIF) of typical automotive sheet alloys DDQ (Deep Draw Quality), AA 5754-O and AA 6111-T4, and age hardenable aerospace aluminum alloys AA 2024-O and AA 7075-O, in to a truncated pyramid shape was conducted. This paper reports mechanical properties of these DSIF panels in the as-formed condition, and in case of age hardenable alloys, also in the post-forming age hardened condition. The properties in the formed regions (areas deformed by stylus tools) are compared with those in the unformed regions (parent metal). Effects of post-forming heat treatments on property differential between formed and unformed regions, and between sheet rolling and transverse directions are also reported.

Reference DOE-EE0005764; Subcontract: RQ13-225R16; Project Title: Rapid Freeform Sheet Metal Forming (RAFFT)

Authors: R. Verma, E. Thomas, B. Martinek, A. Gillard, and V. Kiridena

Keywords: Incremental Sheet Forming, Dsif, Mechanical Properties

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