Hot Deformation Behavior, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mg-8Zn-1Al-0.5Cu-0.5Mn Alloy




Abstract: The hot deformation behavior of Mg-8Zn-1Al-0.5Cu-0.5Mn alloy was studied by thermal simulation at temperatures of 200oC – 350oC and strain rates of 0.001s-1 – 1s-1, and the constitutive equation was developed. The microstructures of the alloy extruded at 230oC and 260oC showed bimodal microstructures, and the completed DRX occurred when the alloy was extruded at 290oC. Four different heat treatments were used for the alloy extruded at 290oC. Compared with that in the alloy treated by solution + single-aging, the precipitates were finer and far more densely dispersed in the alloy with solution + double aging treatment. In addition, the tensile properties were enhanced remarkably by solution + double aging treatment with the yield strength, tensile strength and elongation were 298MPa, 348MPa and 18%, respectively, which was attributed to the combined effects of fine dynamically recrystallized grains and uniform distribution of finer precipitates.

Authors: Yuansheng Yang, Shaozhen Zhu, and Tianjiao Luo

Keywords: Magnesium Alloy, Hot Deformation Behavior, Microstructure, Mechanical Properties

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