Reaction between MnO-SiO2-FeO Inclusion and Steel Matrix Deoxidized by Si and Mn at Different Heat Treatment Temperatures




Abstract: In order to clarify the effect of heat-treatment temperature on the reaction between solid steel and inclusions, in this study, the reaction between Fe-Mn-Si alloy and MnO-SiO2-FeO oxide during heat-treatment at 1373 K, 1473 K and 1573 K were investigated using diffusion couple method, respectively. The results indicate that the width of the particle-precipitated zone (PPZ) and the Mn depleted zone (MDZ) increased with increasing heat-treatment temperature from 1373 K to 1473 K. However, compared with the experimental results at 1473 K, the precipitated particles in the alloy were significantly coarsened and the width of the PPZ decreased at 1573 K. In addition, with increasing heat-treatment time at 1573 K, the composition of the oxide changed from 2MnO·SiO2 to MnO·SiO2 and the manganese and silicon in the oxide obviously diffused into the alloy, resulting in a significant increase of Mn and Si contents in the alloy near the interface.

Authors: Xueliang Zhang, Shufeng Yang, Weihua Zhang, Jingshe Li, and Shuo Zhang

Keywords: Solid-State Reaction, Diffusion Couple, Inclusion, Heat Treatment Temperature

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