In-Situ Fatigue Life Analysis of Steel Using Modal Acoustic Emission and Electrical Resistivity Techniques




Abstract: Fatigue damage of steel structures has always been a safety issue as fatigue cracks occur at a lower stress than design stress, fatigue short cracks are generally difficult to detect during a visual inspection, and thus the need for techniques such as modal acoustic emission and electrical resistivity to detect these crack initiations in metals are important. This paper presents the results on the study of fatigue-crack propagation of a chosen medium carbon steel using Modal AE along with other techniques such as electrical resistivity(ER) and digital image correlation (DIC). Test specimens with a notch at the edge are machined from the provided stock of 1045 steel and are subjected to fatigue.The acoustic emission events along with potential drop during the fatigue cycles helps in predicting the failure of the given steel before it actually occurs.

Authors: Sulochana Shrestha, Manigandan Kannan, Michael Presby, Yogesh Singh, and Gregory Morscher

Keywords: Fatigue, Acoustic Emission, Electrical Resistivity, Digital Image Correlation

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