Fatigue Behavior of Sheet-Bulk Metal Formed Components




Abstract: To produce functional parts with thickened elements, bulk forming operations can be applied to sheet metal. For this process class, the term sheet-bulk metal forming has been established recently. Due to different process routes and forming parameters, these components typically show a locally varying degree of deformation and thus differently work hardened areas. An additional consequence of cold forming is the formation of ductile damage in the form of voids in the microstructure. In this study, the formation of ductile damage due to plastic deformation of the single-phase deep-drawing steel DC04 is characterized by scanning electron microscopy and its influence on the service life under cyclic loading is investigated. Cyclic fatigue experiments and crack propagation experiments have been carried out. By analyzing deformed specimens, the development of ductile damage in terms of an increasing number of voids and a change in the void shape could be detected.

Authors: Hans-Bernward Besserer and Dmytro Rodman

Keywords: Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming, Ductile Damage, DC04

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