Microalloyed Magnesium Alloys with High Complex of Properties




Abstract: This study presents a theoretical analysis and justified choice of alloying elements for the development of new magnesium alloys with higher levels of properties. It was shown the effect of microalloying on the macro- and microstructure, morphology and topology of intermetallic phases of magnesium alloy MЛ5 (Standard of Ukraine). It was found an optimal amount of the alloying elements that improves the structure as well as the mechanical properties of the magnesium alloy.

Authors: Sergei Belikov, Vadim Shalomeev, Eduard Tsivirko, Nikita Aikin, and Sergei Sheyko

Keywords: Magnesium Alloy, Alloying Elements, Structure, Intermetallides, Mechanical Properties, Grain Size

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