Some Effects of V/(V+Ti) in TRIP and BH Steels




Abstract: Microstructure changes during annealing for steels after TRIP-treating and DP-treating with and without vanadium are compared by DTA and TEM. Vanadium carbide in the steels is found to be dissolved in the annealing process above 780oC. Below 740oC, vanadium carbide remains undissolved and impedes the growth of new ferrite. Effects of V and Ti and coiling temperature on the recrystallization activation energy and kinetics in extra-low carbon BH steels were studied by experiments and different kinds of calculation.

Authors: L. Li, H. Jiang, G.T. Zhang, Z.P. Yin, W. Shi, Y.L. He, and Nan Zou

Keywords: Vanadium Carbide, TRIP, DP, BH

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