Dynamic Recrystallization Behavior of a 0.04 pct Nb-Microalloyed Steel during Austenite Hot Compression




Abstract: The dynamic recrystallization (DRX) behavior of a 0.04 pct Nb-microalloyed low carbon steel was investigated with a Gleeble-3500 thermo-mechanical simulator by means of single-hit isothermal compression tests in the temperature range of 900 oC to 1150 oC. The results indicate that DRX is more easily occur at higher deformation temperatures and lower strain rates. According to the Zener-Hollomon parameter equation, the deformation activation energy and stress exponent for the studied steel are acquired, say 376.783 kJ/mol and 3.9242 respectively, which are obtained by regression analysis. The dynamic recrystallization critical condition of the steel is obtained. Finally, the hot deformation equation of the steel is established.

Authors: Mei Zhang, De-long Zhu, Si-wei Luo, Yi Yao, Hong-tao Li, and Lin Li

Keywords: Nb-Microalloyed Steel, Dynamic Recrystallization, Activation Energy, Critical Conditions

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