High Strength and High Conductivity in Re-Processed Hypereutectic Cu-Cr Alloys




Abstract: Cu-Cr has been proposed to be a good substitute to replace the Cu-Be system for the high strength high conductivity (HSHC) applications. Cu-Cr alloys processing are limited by solidification rates in ingot metallurgy. Here we explore the HSHC properties of high Cr alloys prepared from rapid quenching of alloy melt. It is found that the rapid solidification in the ribbons imposed combined solution extension and ultra-refinement of Cr rich phases. X-ray diffraction studies of the as-cast ribbons suggest that the solid solution extension was up to 6wt%Cr. Thermal aging of the cast ribbons indicated that peak aging treatments occurred in about twenty minutes. Peak hardness ranged from about 200 to well over 300HV. The maximum peak aged hardness of 380HV was obtained for alloy containing 6wt.%Cr but with conductivity of about 50%IACS. The best combined strength/conductivity was obtained for
4wt.%Cr alloy with hardness of 350HV and conductivity of 80% IACS.

Authors: A.O. Olofinjana and N.Y. Voo

Keywords: High Strength High Conductivity (HSHC), Copper Alloys, Solid Solution Extension, Rapid Solidification

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