Establishment of the Relationship between the Microstructure Characteristics and the Heat Resistance of Silicate Coatings Obtained under SHS Conditions




Abstract: In the work, studies surface hardening of carbon steels was performed by the SHS method on steel 50 and U8A. Ways of bronzing the formation of borated coverings with the help of self-propagated high-temperature synthesis (SHS) is an effective method of details hardening and formations in their superficial layer high operational characteristics. In the production of protective Cr-Al coatings doped with boron, the coating consists of (FeCr)23C6, (FeCr)7C3, (FeCrAl)2B, Fe2Al5 and a solid solution of Cr, Al and B in α-Fe. As the carbon content in steels increases, the microhardness of the surface layer increases. So the microhardness of the surface layer when applying Cr-Al-B coatings on steel 50 is H100 =15000 MPa, and on steel U8A H100 = 16000 MPa. The resulting materials coated with SHS-diffusion compared to analogs having improved performance properties at low time of the saturation process 3-4 times.

Author: Dmytro Sereda

Keywords: Boron Coatings, Micro Hardness, Self Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis, Phase

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