Study on Selective Oxidation of a Mn-Al Advanced High Strength Steel




1st Paragraph: Due to the strong demand on reducing the vehicle weight in automotive industries in order to improve the fuel efficiency without scarifying passenger’s safety, researches on developing advanced high strength steels (AHSS) having high strength (>1 GPa) and high ductility (>20%) have been carried extensively in recent years [1-3]. Fig. 1 show a stress and strain curve of a cold-rolled Mn-Al AHSS sheet under development. The steel contains 5.7 wt% Mn and exhibits a tensile strength of 1.1 GPa and a total elongation of 34%, which fulfill the above mentioned requirement. However, an extensive application of the steel relies not only on its superior mechanical properties but also on properties such as weldability and galvanizability.

Authors: Shiang-Ren Tsai, Chiung-Wen Hsu, and Liuwen Chang

Keywords: Advanced High Strength Steel, Selective Oxidation, Dew Point

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