The Temperature Measurement and Simulation Analysis for Mold Cu-Tube of High Speed Billet Caster




Abstract: The change of Cu-tube temperature with casting time at different casting speed was measured by the 32 thermocouples inserted in the different positions of inner arc, outer arc and one side on the high casting speed 150×150 billet caster. A three-dimensional finite element model of billet mold Cu-tube heat transfer according to ANSYS software was verified with the actual Cu-tube temperature data. The effects of casting speed、steel grade、intensity of cooling、dimension of Cu-tube on the thermal field in the mold Cu-tube had been studied. The simulation results show that with increasing of casting speed, the temperature of Cu-tube increased accordingly and appropriate dimension of the Cu-tube can promote the temperature distribution in the mold to be even. The temperature distribution on the same height of the Cu-tube in the production process was not uniform.

Authors: Yang Chen, Fu-shuai Li, Jiong-ming Zhang, Sai-zhen Ning, and Liang Qian

Keywords: High Casting Speed, Thermocouple, Mold, Temperature Measurement System, Numerical Simulation

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