Study on the Effect of Unburned Pulverized Coal on the Gasification Reaction Performance of Coke




Abstract: In this experiment, unburned pulverized coal(UPC) was prepared by two different coal samples from SH bituminous coal and JZ anthracite. The effects of UPC on the gasification reaction of coke were studied by thermogravimetric analysis and kinetic analysis. It is found that weight loss rate increases when coke particle coexisted with UPC at the same temperature, and the trend is more obvious with the increase of UPC content. The activation energy of the sample is significantly reduced and when the coke mixes with highly reactive UPC, activation energy decreases more significantly because the precipitation of volatile matter makes pulverized coal porosity lager, and the more the volatile matter of pulverized coal has, the larger the specific surface area of UPC is, and the higher the reactivity with CO2 is. In addition, different relative amounts of UPC also had different effects on the gasification reaction of coke.

Authors: Kai-di Wang, Jian-liang Zhang, Yi-fan Chai, Xiao-yue Fan, and Guang-wei Wang

Keywords: Unburned Pulverized Coal, Gasification Reaction, Thermogravimetric Analysis, Kinetic Analysis

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