Study on Plastic Control of Inclusion in Cord Steel




Abstract: In this paper, the inclusion plasticity of 82A cord steel was studied. Based on the sampling analysis and Factsage software thermodynamic calculation, the suitable control range of refining slag in the production process of 82A cord steel was obtained. The optimization of refining slag in the optimization was: R=0.9-1.2, w(Al2O3) was controlled below 5%, CaF2 content decreased to 9%, the melting point is low, and that was conducive to the removal of inclusion. Process optimization of experimental results showed that and total oxygen was controlled at the level of 15ppm and the proportion of plastic inclusions was increased from 52% to 91% after optimization.

Authors: Jianlong Guo, Yanping Bao, and Min Wang

Keywords: Cord Steel, Inclusion, Plastic Control, Factsage

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