Simulations and Modeling of Metallurgical Phenomena Produced on Pressing in SHS-Conditions




Abstract: In the work invetigated the compact products of self propagating hightemperature synthesis (SHS) is received by hot-temperature compaction in closed matrix. The modelling of quasi-isostatical pressing in infinite shell with static boundary conditions through nonisostatical factor ΞΎ do not consider of the sizes and external friction of shell and can not be used for an estimation of quantitative connections between power parameters of process and exact properties of extruded stuff. The purpose of investigations is process control of pressing: development of models for real-time process control and on-line monitoring of process of joint deforming of porous non-linear – tenacious modificators and free-flowing shell in selfcontained volume of the exact sizes. The rheological relations are obtained, which one in aggregate with the characteristics of a structural condition of stuff and kinematic ratio of plastic flow determine energy power functional to free parameters v1, u1, u2

Authors: Borys Sereda, Dmytro Sereda, Kovalenko Anton, and Irina Kryglyak

Keywords: Modeling, Self Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis, Pressing

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