Simulation and Application of the Coherent Oxygen Supplying Technology with Low Calorific Value Fuel Gas in EAF Steelmaking Process




Abstract: Coherent jets are widely used in EAF steelmaking. With the demand of energy saving and consumption reduction growing, a new coherent oxygen supplying technology was developed by injecting LCV fuel gas, which not only satisfied the requirements of smelting but also reduced the CH4 consumption. In this paper, numerical simulations were carried out to investigate the effect of the fuel gas composition on the jet behaviors of coherent jet. The results show that the length of the region where the jet velocity is more than 400m/s with “80% CH4 + 20% N2” could achieve 95.2 pct of that with “100% CH4”, meanwhile 20 pct CH4 consumption can be saved, which is a high cost-effective solution. Based on the industrial application research, the metallurgical effects of the coherent jet with LCV fuel gas were also analyzed.

Authors: Wei Guangsheng, Dong Kai, Liu Runzao, and Wu Xuetao

Keywords: Coherent Jet, Numerical Simulation, Industrial Application, LCV Fuel Gas

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