Research of CO2-O2 Mixed Injection Steelmaking in 300T Converter




Abstract: Study on resource utilization of CO2 is significant to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the coping with global warming. In the paper, thermodynamic analysis of CO2 gas reactions in converter steelmaking process was studied, and CO2-O2 mixed injection industrial tests were carried out in the 300 tons dephosphorization converter and conventional converter. The top blowing oxygen mixed with 5-10% CO2 process can be used for converter steelmaking, and does not affect the pace of converter. Compared with the original process, dephosphorization rate increased by 6.99%, and dust amount decreased by 2.65%. T.Fe of converter slag decreased by 3.59%. CO content in the furnace gas increased by 2.66%, and the converter gas volume increased by 5.24 Nm3 /t steel. Therefore, thermodynamic analysis and industrial tests shows that, resource utilization of CO2 gas in converter steelmaking through top blowing and bottom blowing, is feasible and could improve the smelting effect.

Authors: Xueliang Wang, Rong Zhu, Binglong Zhang, Jiming Bian, Yiqiang Zhu, and Wenhe Wu

Keywords: Carbon Dioxide, Mixed Injection, Converter Steelmaking

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