Numerical Study of Steel Flow and Inclusion Removal during RH Degassing Process




Abstract: Removal of inclusion from liquid steel plays a key role for the cleanliness improvement of steel. The flow field affects the removal process dominantly but how it acts remains unclear. So for the first time, this study built a CFD and inclusion at interface (IAT) coupled model and applied it to simulate the floating, collision and removal of inclusion in liquid steel during RH process. In the coupled model, the influence of flow of steel and slag phases, the interfacial properties, the wettability and viscosity of each phase were considered. The results of simulation show that during the RH process, the inclusion size tends to grow up due to collision, which is driven by the steel flow and inclusion buoyancy. The different results of model with and without IAT boundary condition (BC) has been compared to evaluate the model.

Authors: Wei Liu, Shufeng Yang, Weihua Zhang, Jingshe Li, and Xueliang Zhang

Keywords: Inclusion Removal, Rh Process, CFD, Numerical Simulation, Steel-Slag Interface

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