Numerical Study of Nail Board Experiments to Determine the Characteristics of the Surface in the CC Mold




Abstract: In order to study the problem of surface fluctuations and slag entrapment, the nail board experiment and simulation computation method was used to optimize the method for measuring liquid level characteristics in mold. The influence of steel nails diameter and the distance between steel nails on the measurement results was studied. The height of the liquid surface and the surface velocity at different time and position were both obtained. The experimental results were compared with the results of numerical simulation. The large eddy simulation (LES) method is used to calculate the steel nails with different diameters and the spacing of the steel nails taking slag layer into consideration. It is showed that when the diameter of the steel nail is 10 mm and the distance between adjacent steel nails is 100 mm, the measurement results is most accurate which is in good agreement with the actual conditions.

Authors: Feng Wang, Yang Wang, Shufeng Yang, Weihua Zhang, Jingshe Li, and Xueliang Zhang

Keywords: Continuous Casting Mold, Nail Board Experiment, Multiphase Flow Numerical Simulation

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