Numerical Analysis on Effect of Additional Gas Injection on Characteristics around Raceway in Melter Gasifier




Abstract: Considering that pure oxygen at room temperature instead of hot air is injected into COREX melter gasifier, a two-dimensional mathematical model at steady state is developed in the current work to describe the effect of the additional gas injection on the characteristics around the raceway in melter gasifier. The results show that a high speed jet with a highest temperature above 3200 K could be found in front of tuyere. In order to decrease the gas temperature in the raceway to prevent the blowing-down caused by tuyere thermal damage, the additional gas, including N2, natural gas (NG) and coke oven gas (COG) should be injected through the tuyere. Compared with N2, additional fuel gas injection gives full play to the high temperature reduction advantage of hydrogen. In addition, considering the insufficient hearth heat after injecting NG, an appropriate amount of COG is recommended to be injected for optimizing blast system.

Authors: Kaiping Du, Shengli Wu, and Zhekai Zhang

Keywords: Melter Gasifier Raceway, Additional Gas Injection, Mathematical Model

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