Influences of Zinc on the Erosion of Blast Furnace Hearth Refractories




Abstract: : There is no doubt that the presence of a great deal of zinc in the blast furnace hearth caused significant erosion on refractories. Accordingly, in order to prolong the life of a blast furnace, it is necessary to make clear the erosion mechanism of these refractories and to reflect the results to the proper design of the refractories. In this study, Compressive strength test, X-ray fluorescence(XRF), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive spectrometer(EDS) were carried out to reveal the erosion mechanism of zinc to refractories under various circumstance. Particular emphasis was laid on the zinc content .With the increase of the zinc content,the pores and cracks grew constantly. Further bring about serious damage attack to carbon bricks. In order to prevent the formation of brittle layer in blast furnace hearth ,the content of zinc should be strictly controlled during the production process of blast furnace.

Authors: Qiangjian Song, Xiaojun Ning, Jianliang Zhang, Kexin Jiao, and Cui Wang

Keywords: Blast Furnace, Hearth, Zinc, Refractories, Erosion

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