Experimental Study on MnS Inclusion in Continuously Cast Bloom of Rail Steel




Abstract:  A 2D/3D investigations on the morphology and distribution of sulfide inclusions in the rail steel U75V continuously cast bloom were carried out, and the experimental results show that the sulfide inclusions in the subsurface region with smaller equivalent diameter and lower aspect ratio are more fine and rounded compared with those in the bulk, because the high solidification cooling rate in the subsurface region is benefit for the monotectic sulfide formation. Moreover, sulfide mixtures of MnS and TiS around the Al2O3 nuclei were observed in the bloom centre, because the Al2O3 particles act as heterogenous nucleation catalysts for sulfide mixtures, promoting the eutectic reaction (L→MnS + TiS) in high segregated liquid steel at the final stage of solidification process.

Authors: Sen Luo, Bingyu Wang, Zhaohui Wang, Weiling Wang, and Miaoyong Zhu

Keywords: MnS Inclusion, 3D Morphology, Continuously Cast Bloom, Rail Steel

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