Lightweight Aluminum Foams – Tailoring Compressive Property through Relative Density Variation




Abstract: Metal foams are lightweight structural materials possessing high specific mechanical properties and good thermal properties. Metal foams find applications in aerospace, automotive and oil and gas sectors as heat exchangers, foam core in sandwich structures and energy absorbing crash structures. Open-cell aluminum foams are porous lightweight material owing to their cell shape and inherent low density of aluminum. Foams relative density depends on pores per inch, strut thickness and material. In the present work, effort is made to vary relative density of open-cell aluminum foam through rolling. The prepared foams are studied for compressive response. The relative density of the foams are varied by controlling the thickness to which they are compressed. The developed foams are evaluated for compressive properties under varying strain rates (10-4/s – ~103/s) and compared with as-cast open cell foams and existing literature data. Effort is also made to establish strain rate sensitivity in foams compressive behavior.

Authors: Vasanth C. Shunmugasamy and Bilal Mansoor

Keywords: Lightweight Materials, Open-Cell Foams, Strain Rate Sensitivity

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