Development of Steel Suitable for Two-Side Enameling




Abstract: Fish scale appearance on cold rolled two-side enameled steels has become a large issue within the modern industry. This paper attempts to outline a number of methods used to make the hotrolled steel more suitable for two-side enameling after being cold rolled. Overcoming fish scaling starts on steel making and hot-rolling process by assuring a proper structure that would provide maximum hydrogen permeability after cold rolling, it also comprises countermeasures on cold rolling process. Titanium alloying, high hot-rolling coiling temperatures, and high reduction ratio on cold rolling, when combined, give the best characteristics of the final product. Five different cases were evaluated; implying two different chemical compositions and three different coiling temperatures.

Keeping cold rolling reduction above 70%, it is noted that the best coiling temperature is in the range of 740 oC and the best chemical composition is the titanium alloyed one.

Authors: Mohamed H. Safa, Tarek Khalefa, and Mohamed R. Aboud

Keywords: Enameling, Two-Side Enameling, Hydrogen Permeation, Fish Scale

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