Characterization of Inclusions in a Slab of Grain-Oriented Silicon Steel




Abstract: Non-metallic inclusions have a significant influence on magnetic properties of electrical steels. In the current study, the morphology, amount, composition and distribution of non-metallic inclusions in grain-oriented silicon steels were analyzed using ASPEX and FE-SEM/EDS. Besides, the thermodynamic software FactSage was performed to study the process of precipitation during solidification. Al2O3 AlN, MnS and their complex inclusions were observed. The mechanism of the complex inclusions was calculated thermodynamically, which is in good agreement with measured results. Variations of inclusions at different positions of continuous-casting slabs were also discussed.

Authors: Ming Li, Qiang Ren, Jiayi Wang, and Lifeng Zhang

Keywords: Slab, Non-Metallic Inclusions, Grain-Oriented Silicon Steel

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