Characterization of Inclusions during Calcium Treatment




Abstract: In the current study, the characterization of inclusions was investigated during calcium treatment in laboratory scale experiments using a vacuum induction furnace. Inclusions shifted from CaO-CaS-(Al2O3) to CaO-Al2O3 with high alumina contents due to decreased calcium contents. Thermodynamic calculation was performed on the relationship between the composition of inclusions and the ratio of T.Ca/T.O. in steels. The comparison of the observed relationship between mass fraction of inclusions and Ca/O ratio of inclusions was made with the predicted equilibrium relationship. At last, the effect of sulfur contents on the composition of inclusions was discussed and the variation of CaO in the condition of low sulfur content was studied theoretically during calcium treatment based on calculated results of the thermodynamic software.

Authors: Yang Liu and Lifeng Zhang

Keywords: Calcium Treatment, Inclusions, Thermodynamic Calculation

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