Study on Modification of Inclusions in Aluminum Deoxidized Steel by Carbonate




Abstract: As the primary means of controlling inclusions,traditional methods of modification mainly include two kinds.The first method is to modify inclusions through controlling slag-steel reaction of refining process,the second method is calcium treatment, which add the calcium wire directly to the molten steel. The third method of adding carbonate to molten steel was proposed in this study,hot experiments were carried out for inclusions modificationin aluminum deoxidized steel. The experimental results showed that carbonate-generated small bubbles could directly remove some inclusions, other oxide inclusions participated in the reaction with alumina and magnesium oxide inclusions, and then modify them into low melting complex inclusions,the composition was (45-50)mass %CaO-(45-50)mass %Al2O3-(0-5)mass %MgO, the reaction could be finished within 5 minutes. The evolution path of the inclusions in this study was very similar to that of the inclusions inpipeline steel after secondary refining of a steel mill.

Authors: Bing Ni, Tonglu Yao, and Junpu Zhao

Keywords: Carbonate, Deoxidation, Inclusions Modification, Calcium Treatment

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