Semi-Molten State Reduction Behavior of Panzhihua Ilmenite Concentrate with Additive




Abstract: The electric arc furnace smelting process is the main technology to deal with Panzhihua ilmenite concentrate for the titanium slag production. However, this process consumes large amounts of electric energy and obtains low grade of product due to the high smelting temperature and long smelting time. Semi-melting state reduction can produce the iron and titanium slag in a relative low temperature. Therefore, a novel process (semi-molten state reduction) was proposed to produce iron and titanium slag at a relative low temperature from the Panzhihua ilmenite concentrate by adding reductant and Na2SO4 additive. In this study, the ilmenite concentrate was reduced isothermally with graphite and Na2SO4. The influence of reduction conditions on the metallization ratio, microstructure and grade of titanium slag of the reduced samples, such as reaction temperature and dosage of sodium sulfate additive were investigated. The results showed that the temperature is decreased significantly and the reaction efficiency is improved obviously. In addition, the phase transitions during reduction process were also discussed.

Authors: Wei Lv, Xueming Lv, Junyi Xiang, Xuewei Lv, Yingyi Zhang, and Chengyi Ding

Keywords: Ilmenite Concentrate, Carbothermic Reduction, Semi-Molten, Additive, Sodium Sulfate

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