Improvement of Titanium Yield in High C and Si Killed Steels Injecting Wire Highly Compacted Ferrotitanium




Abstract: Titanium is an alloying element used to refine grain size in steel and improve its physical and mechanical properties. In some stainless steels it is used to increase the resistance to corrosion by the precipitation of titanium carbides or carbonitrides. Its alloying performance is highly variable and depends largely on the stage of the secondary metallurgy process when it is added. Furthermore, the addition method (wire injection or direct addition) has a remarkable influence in secondary refining. This paper describes the tests performed in vacuum degasser (VD), with a highly compacted and encapsulated Ferrotitanium wire (FeTi HC). The yield of titanium in steel increased from 52% to 89%. Moreover, the consumption of the highly compacted Ferrotitanium was optimized.

Authors: Arqueros Villa Luis Gonzalo, Velázquez Guzmán Fernando, and Erezuma Emma

Keywords: Ferrotitanium Highly Compacted, Degasser, Titanium Carbides, High C Steel

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