Effect of Scale Formation on Copper Enrichment in Continuously Cast Slab




Abstract: Copper enrichment behavior in continuously cast slab induced by scale formation during continuous cooling was investigated, and the effects of initial slab surface temperature and oxygen potential in atmosphere were discussed. The results showed that a loose scale adhered to the substrate was formed in H2O-N2 atmosphere, while a gap formed between the scale and steel substrate in H2O-O2-N2 atmosphere. After continuous cooling in H2O-N2 atmosphere, the copper enrichment occurred both inside the loose scale and at the scale/steel interface, with simultaneous Ni enrichment near the interface at higher slab surface temperature. The combined effects of loose scale and nickel enrichment were thought to promote the back-migration of Curich phase from the interface and occlusion within the scale layer. While in H2O-O2-N2 atmosphere, Cu enrichment was found on the substrate side and the formed gap prevented the migration of Cu to the scale.

Authors: Nan Wang, Lei Xu, Min Chen, Jianhua Xin, and Cuihuan Huang

Keywords: Copper Enrichment, Surface Temperature, Scale, Oxygen Potential

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