Heat Treatment of Steel-Aluminum Hybrid Components




Abstract: Recent research efforts aim at transferring the concept of tailored properties (known from tailored blanks) to massive steel-aluminum hybrid components under the term “Tailored Forming”. The specific feature of the employed process chain is that the dissimilar metals are joined before the forming process to allow for a modification of the joining zone properties by adapted forming operations. To improve and adapt the mechanical properties of the hybrid components, heat treatment of the steel and aluminum parts have to be carried out. However, this is challenging due to the different solidus temperatures and the growth of brittle intermetallic compound layers. Hence, adapted heat treatment techniques have been developed and employed for surface hardening of the steel part and T6-treatment of the aluminum part. The work addresses the approaches to deal with the aforementioned challenges and the resulting microstructural and mechanical properties of the heat treated hybrid components.

Authors: Sebastian Herbst and Florian Nürnberger

Keywords: Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Hybrid Components, 20MnCr5, AW6082, Heat Treatment, Tailored Forming

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