Designing Tough Nanostructured Bainite




1st Paragraph: Nanostructured carbide free bainitic steels have excellent strength and ductility at room temperature. This is due to the retained austenite present within their microstructures, which enables such steels to retain their work hardening capacity by transforming into martensite under the influence of stress via a TRIP mechanism. The presence of retained austenite can however be undesirable if it transforms too early, which occurs at local stress concentrations. This introduces brittle martensite during the early stages of loading and results in their very poor impact properties. In the scope of this paper we explore solutions to address this issue and improve this specific parameter.

Authors: Peter Kirbiš, Tatjana Večko Pirtovšek, Ivan Anžel, and Mihael Brunčko

Keywords: Nanostructured Bainite, Carbide Free Low Temperature Bainite, Impact Toughness, Microstructural Design, Heat Treatment

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