Chemical Composition and Cooling Rate Effect on Microstructure Evolution in AHSS Grades





1st Paragraph: Developments of steel for the automotive industry led to an increase in research for new advanced high strength steel (AHSS) grades with elevated C, Mn, and Si [1]. These new grades must be compatible with existing production infrastructure, but one of the main challenges to this has been cracking of continuously cast slabs upon cooling. It is well known that volumetric changes during solidification and phases transformations can lead to quality problems in low ductility steels [2] and depending on cooling rate from austenite and specific composition, steels can have various microstructures consisting of different forms and combinations of pearlite, bainite, martensite, cementite, and ferrite [3].

Authors: Rafael Coura Giacomin, Bryan Webler, and Jonathan Becerril

Keywords: AHSS, Microstructure, Continuous Casting

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