High Temperature Deformation and Oxidation Behaviors of Inconel 718 Alloy Manufactured with Selective Laser Melting




Abstract:  This study investigated the high temperature compression and high temperature oxidation properties of Inconel 718 alloy manufactured using selective laser melting (SLM). The manufactured alloy underwent post-processing in two conditions (annealing, hot isostatic press (HIP)). The annealed sample featured a molten pool boundary as well as phases, γ’’ phase in the grain and δ phase formed along the grain boundary, while the HIP sample showed no molten pool boundary and carbides along the grain boundary[1-2]. HIP processing significantly reduced porosity, and the density of the HIP sample showed a slight increase. High temperature oxidation tests were performed at 900oC and 1000oC. The results showed greater oxidation resistance in the HIP sample compared to the annealed one. The room-high temperature compression tests were performed at 500oC, 650oC and 800oC. The results confirmed that the HIP sample had greater yield strength compared to the annealed one[3].

Authors: Yeon-Ji Kang, Yong-Jin Kim, Ji-Hun Yu, and Kee-Ahn Lee

Keywords:  SLM Process, Inconel 718, High Temperature Oxidation, Compressive Test, Annealing, HIP

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