Vanadium-Titanomagnetite Phase Change Process before Sintering Equilibrium




Introduction:  The effect of TiO2 content on the vavadium-titanomagnetite sinter from 1763 K to 293 K under argon atmosphere was simulated and calculated using FactSage 6.3. Two phases, Fe-Spinel and Fe-Melilite, were predicted to be generated during the cooling process. Phase changes process were also observed using a confocal laser scanning microscope (CSLM). The results showed that the primary phase was Fe-Spinel. In addition, with the increase in TiO2 content in the sinter, the melting point increased, while the liquid phase decreased. The sinters after cooling were analyzed with a scanning electron microscope(SEM) and the result showed that the white phases were primarily composed of Fe-Spinel, while the greyish-white phases and grey phases were composed of Calcium Ferrite(perovskite) and FeMelilite, respectively. The other homogeneous phase is assumed to be the glass phase.

Authors: Shan Ren, Jie Yang, Jian Zhou, Qi Zhao, Bowen Kong, and Qingcai Liu

Keywords:  TiO2 Content; Agglomeration Mechanism; Ti-Bearing Titanomagnetite; Equilibrium Phase Sinter; Mineral Phase

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