High Velocity Hybrid Thermal Spray Systems for 3-D Coatings




1st Paragraph:  Additive manufactured (AM) or 3-D parts are made up of three different sections: the core, the cover and the surface. The core provides the basic shape, strength and rigidity; the cover provides the chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, thermal insulation or resistance to UV light; and the outer surface provides the color, texture and sheen. In many cases, the material for each part needs to be different to meet specifications. For example, many 3-D parts are produced with a low cost, easily extruded material that provides the form needed but is unable to withstand the external environment. This is where thermal spray excels by providing an engineered cover or coating.

Authors: Peter Foy and Dale Moody

Keywords: Thermal Spray, Additive Manufacturing, 3-D, HVOF, HVAF

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