Large Scale Layered Object Manufacturing – Boundary Conditions for the Joining Process Diffusion Bonding




Abstract:  The combination of machining or cutting (e.g. by laser) and subsequent diffusion bonding is a possibility to manufacture freely designed large-scale additive manufactured parts with inside structures. One of the important criteria for large-scale diffusion bonding (e.g. 900 x 900 x 800 mm³) is a homogeneous load distribution, especially for large-scale parts. To achieve this, different concepts are in use, e.g. multiple point supports for the pressing plates or utilization of very thick pressing plates. In this paper detailed descriptions of boundary conditions, used diffusion bonding systems and an overview of bonded examples are given. One advantage of the whole process chain is the realization of multi material components.

Authors: Simon Jahn, Felix Gemse, Steffen Dahms, and Andreas Fey

Keywords: Diffusion Bonding, Large Scale Additive Manufacturing

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