Roadmap for Metal Hybrids Net-Shaped via Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing




1st Paragraph:  Metal hybrids or metal matrix composites (MMCs) are useful in applications in which the combination of two or more materials’ properties is needed. Such material property combinations include high modulus with high strength, high hardness with high ductility, and high thermal conductivity with low electrical conductivity [1], [2], [3]. Binder jet Additive Manufacturing (AM) is currently being used to produce MMCs in complex geometries with high throughput [4]; however, the selection of MMCs is limited primarily to bronze-infiltrated materials [5]. The opportunity exists to leverage existing MMCs used in industry which are created by capillary infiltration. This work will discuss those materials as well as discuss a path forward for developing new MMC hybrid materials that can be shaped via binder jet AM.

Authors: Amy Elliott, Peeyush Nandwana, Cameron Shackleford, and Cindy Waters

Keywords: Binder Jetting, Additive Manufacturing (Am), Metal Matrix Composites (Mmcs), Metal Hybrids, Capillary Infiltration

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