The Effect of Plastic Deformation on the Structure Formation of Low-Alloy Steel




Abstract: This study determines the effect of plastic deformation on the structure formation and the process of phase transformations in low-alloy steel 10ХФТБч (Standard of Ukraine). The deformation temperature was varied from 770 о С to 950 оС, the degree and rate of deformation remained constant. It was found that the optimal hot deformation mode for low alloy steels is in the temperature range from 850…950 оС, at the deformation rate u = 100 s-1 with the degree of deformation ln ε = 1,2. The amount of phases is 80…58% ferrite and 20…42% perlite, which significantly increases the strength of the alloy steel, while maintaining sufficient ductility.

Authors: Sergiy Shejko, Vadim Shalomeev, and Valerii Mishchenko

Keywords: Plastic Deformation, Structure, Phase Composition, Low-Alloy Steel

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