Influence of Grain Orientation Spreads on Tensile Twinning Activation in Magnesium under Simple Compression and Plane Strain Compression: Crystal Plasticity Simulations




Abstract: Deformation twinning is an important deformation mechanism that governs the texture evolution and strain-hardening rates in magnesium material under various loading conditions. The activation of twinning in magnesium depends largely on the orientations of the crystals with respect to the loading directions. In this paper, we investigate the propensity for deformation twinning in magnesium by predicting the relative twin activities using crystal plasticity model for large number of generated polycrystals with certain orientation spreads around slip-dominant crystal orientations under simple compression and plane strain compression. The simulations conducted in this study shows that the activation of tensile twinning appears to occur at disorientations of 50and 10o, respectively, with respect to the slip-dominant crystal orientations with the crystallographic c-axis aligns parallel to the compression axis in simple compression, and parallel to the constrained direction in plane strain compression.

Author: Hamad F. Alharbi

Keywords: Magnesium; Plastic Anisotropy; Twinning; Texture

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