Effect of Casting Porosity on Compressive Mechanical Property of As-Quenched Al-Cu-Mn Alloy




Abstract: The porosity, as one of common defects in casting parts, has a significant effect on the mechanical properties of as-quenched Al-Cu-Mn alloy. In this paper, the low-pressure casting and quenching processes were conducted to prepare Al-Cu-Mn alloy specimens with various porosity values. The porosity distributions of the sample blocks were characterized by using high precision densimeter. The relation between density and compressive properties was investigated by isothermal compression test. The experimental results showed that when density increased by 1.19%, yield strength (ߝ = ௣0.10) of quenched samples increased by 19.6%, while yield strength (ߝ = ௣0.30) of quenched samples increased by 20.61%. Finally, the Voce behavior hypothesis and the linear hypothesis between yield strength and density were proposed, by analyzing the relation between the density and compressive properties.

Authors: Ke Ren, Gang Wang, Wenguang Wang, and Yiming Rong

Keywords: As-Quenched, Al-Cu-Mn Alloy, Casting Porosity, Mechanical Property, Density, Voce Behavior

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