High Strength Mg-Al Alloys Produced by High-Energy Ball Milling




1st Paragraph: Currently, there is an increasing scope for light-weight materials with high strength in the fields such as automobiles, aerospace, defense, sports and electronic industries [1]. Availability of such materials with high specific strength will allow reduction in the weight of the parts that in turn will lower the energy consumption in some applications and/or better the usability/effectiveness in others. There has been tremendous increase in the use of the Al and Al based alloys because of its better specific strength than compared to other structural materials like steel with low cost and high strength [2]. Given the fact that Mg has significant weight saving potential, its alloys are underutilized owing to poor strength and corrosion resistance along with processing difficulties [2]. For instance, in automotive vehicles, Mg alloys are used as low as 0.5% of weight of an average vehicle [3] due to challenges associated with manufacturing and in-service performance [2]. Thus, there is a need to improve the mechanical properties of Mg based alloys.

Authors: M.U.F. Khan, F. Mirza, R. De Las Casas, and R.K. Gupta

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