Interfacial Reactions between Titanium and Titanium Dioxide/Calcium Oxide/Yttriia Composites




Abstract: Various proportions of TiO2 /CaO /Y2O3 powders were mixed and hot-pressed at 1500oC for 30min for titanium casting application. The hot-pressed specimens, consisted of Ca4Ti3O10 and Y2O3, were reacted with the commercially pure titanium at 1600oC for 30min in the atmosphere of argon. The interfacial reactions between ceramic specimens and titanium were explored using an X-ray diffraction diffractometer (XRD), analytical scanning electron microscope (SEM), and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS). After reaction between Ti and ceramics, no any reactional phases were found in the Ti region near interface excepting minor oxygen dissolution from the ceramic. Furthermore, alpha Ti and Y2O3– rich two phases appeared at ceramic side near the interface. With increasing in the amount of Y2O3 in ceramic, the Y2O3-rich layer gradually changed thicker and was coarser far away from interface.

Authors: Kuan-Ting Lin, Kun-Lin Lin, and Chien-Cheng Lin

Keywords: Ca4Ti3O10, CaTiO3, Y2O3, Titanium

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