Investigating Effect of Thermal Parameters on Properties of Al-4%Cu Alloy Squeeze Cast under a High Applied Pressure




Abstract: In squeeze casting process melt is forced into die cavity under a directly applied pressure thus reducing fluidity concerns for the process. Two distinctly different levels of superheat were investigated that were expected to give different cooling rates and hence varying mechanical properties. Effect of the superheat level can be influenced by die temperature, which was selected to maximize cooling rate. Squeeze pressure was selected to be higher than the critical value for aluminum alloys above which there is little or even deteriorating effect on properties. Effect of superheat was found to be not significant and this was evaluated against microstructural evidence to postulate the findings of present research. Increase in die temperature at lower superheat level resulted in heat being initially removed inwards into undercooled melt ahead of the solidifying front. Coarsening effect of pressure was observed in run with highest properties that also showed evidence of age hardening.

Authors: Khawaja Mustafa Amin Haide

Keywords: Squeeze Casting, Al-4%Cu Alloy, Mechanical Properties, Anova, Microstructure

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