Lower Dielectric Constant and Low Loss Insulating Films




Abstract: Materials with a low dielectric constant are required as interlayer dielectrics for the on-chip interconnection of ultra-large-scale integration devices to provide high speed, low dynamic power dissipation and low cross-talk noise. The selection of chemical compounds with low polarizability and the introduction of porosity result in a reduced dielectric constant. Porous materials offer the opportunity to fabricate scalable dielectric constant materials. We have been working on projects using porous silica materials as low-k dielectrics for electrical interconnections. Moreover, we induce low polarizability binder to hybrid with inorganic porous material to form thin film and the low loss (≦0.008), good adhesion and thermal stability (>250 oC)of thin dielectric films could coating on wafer.

Authors: Yu-Yang Su, Yu-Ju Kao, and Chyi-Ming Leu

Keywords: Polyimides, Optical Transparency, Solubility, Dielectrics Constant

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