CAD-Integrated Modelling of Lattice Structures for Additive Manufacturing and Property Evaluation of Generated Specimens




Abstract: Lattice structures are highly recommended as lightweight components. But until now, parts with lattice structures are mainly used for illustrative purposes. This is because their modelling, dimensioning, and build preparation still remains complex. To simplify this process a CAD-integrated tool is developed. Therein, lattice structures are represented on a parametric level. In the design process the topology of the whole structure as well as single lattice elements can be customized individually. It enables the designer to create fully adapted load carrying components and finally results in lightweight parts, less powder consumption, faster build time, and therefore lower costs during manufacturing. The mechanical properties of the structure are automatically computed by means of FEM. For verification of the mechanical property predictions, tensile tests are performed with Ti-6Al-4V and X3NiCoMoTi18-9-5 steel lattice structures following the design suggestions in draft standard DIN 50099.

Authors: R. Kordass, P. Koch, T. Toeppel, H. Korn, C. Schoene, B. Mueller, and R. Stelzer

Keywords: Lattice Structures, Tensile Tests, Poisson’S Ratio, Simulation, Mechanical Properties, E DIN 50099

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