Highly Compressible Carbon Properties and Potential Applications




Introduction: Fluidized bed electro-thermal purification technology was developed in the 1970s by Superior Graphite Co to produce desulfurized coke in a continuous manner [1]. Continuous R&D work utilizing the unique capabilities of the technology lead to different product groups for widespread applications such as premium recarburizer, resilient graphitic carbons (RGCTM) for friction applications, and loss circulation materials (LCM) for oil drilling. Process optimization resulted in a highly compressible carbon product, with more than 30% by volume of ultrafine closed porosity in a highly resilient carbon matrix and unique compression behavior under hydraulic pressure. Potential applications for example in annular pressure buildup mitigation were explored.

Authors: Changjun Zhou and Soeren Koester

Keywords: Compressible Carbon, Closed Porosity, Annular Pressure Buildup


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