The Fracture Resistance of Dual-Phase and Q&P Sheet Steels in Tension




1st Paragraph: Challenging fuel economy and safety standards [1, 2, 3] in the automotive industry have led to the need for materials with higher strengths while maintaining levels of formability that meet component manufacturing requirements. Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS), including dual-phase (DP) and quench and partitioned (QP) steels, are materials of interest to meet these requirements. For example, DP and QP steels with minimum tensile strengths of 980 and 1180 MPa are currently being implemented in applications where fuel economy and crashworthiness are important. Although these steels have shown excellent mechanical properties, understanding fracture of these complex microstructures is important. This project aims to evaluate testing methods to measure the fracture resistance of both steel grades and will lead to improved understanding of material behavior during forming operations and crash events.

Authors: Mykal Madrid, Chester Van Tyne, and Kester Clarke

Keywords: Advanced High Strength Steels, Crack Tip Opening Angle, Hole Expansion Ratio


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