Nanocarbon for Thermal Management




Abstract: In the field of engineering one of the most important aspects to deal with is energy efficiency. By utilizing carbon nanotubes, it is possible to create a highly efficient heating device to replace previous models of thin film heaters. This allows for a new form of technology that can be implemented into a variety of applications to improve the human living condition. Carbon nanotube thin film heaters are more energy efficient and have far superior heating properties than current thin film heaters. Using ink jet printing to create customizable circuit, these heaters will be applicable to any system that requires thin film heaters while being cost effective. Proper ink and printer selection, as well as circuit layout are determined to design the best CNT thin film heater to out preform and replace the heaters currently used.

Authors: Tucker Witt, Jacob Lichtenberg, Stacey Acheampong, and Zhen Liu

Keywords: Carbon Nanotubes, Resistive Joule Heater


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